Her work focuses  on the HUMAN FORM.

life figure 2-1(1) life figure2-5 life figure 1 life figure 3-1 life figure 4For more drawings Life drawings_240214

She completed a foundation year of art at CITY & GUILDS in London before studying Sociology & History of Art at University. After this she completed a foundation in commercial photography to increase her skill set in creative outputs. She has worked on art event teams at charities & teaches a weekly drawing class to homeless people at CRISIS. She also hosts a number of life drawing classes across London as well as running a weekly pop-up life drawing session and lunch at her own home which is attended by a wide group of her creative friends, including musicians, artists, photographers and the like.

Bella works more jobs than she has fingers & tends to fly between them on her ROLLER BLADES. She loves life, particularly when it’s experienced on wheels. She dresses in as many COLOURS as she can & her bag is always filled with colouring pencils and pens for her to inject into her life drawing studies. She is inspired by the energy of others & works to illuminate this through her work.

WE shot her in her house and garden sporting a vintage 60s dress from Screaming Mimi’s as well as a variety of hats.


TWITTER @BellaFranks


INSTAGRAM @Bella_Franks

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