shayfer james behind the scenes


SHAYFER JAMES is a MUSICIAN who as well as being one of the ‘New and Noteworthy’ on iTunes, frequently performs at the MANDERLAY BAR home of ONE OF US favorite SLEEP NO MORE. He weaves surprisingly genuine musical landscapes that evoke the gauzy, sweaty sexuality of gulf-coast barrooms but also the fantastical, narcotic mysticism of a Lewis Carroll-inspired three-ring circus.His influences when conceiving EULOGY include FELLINI and LYNCH- he likes the idea of the the well cut man in a suit who has dirty fingernails.A painting on his wall of a ghostly woman in a veil was the starting point for this musical performance piece. 7 sad Ophelia-like women mourning for the poet they all loved but never loved them back IN A CHURCH was very compelling.

The weird widows are made up of a group of EXPERIMENTAL THEATER performers who make it their mission to play with diverse spaces using their bodies to create something.

You can catch MR JAMES every Tuesday (for free) in his new role as resident musician at the ROCKAWAY.

Check out/download SEVEN WINDOWS, the stunning song from the show, below.


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