Behind the Scenes jessie lamprecht


JESSIE LAMPRECHT is an ARTIST originally from Long Island who works in a variety of media from explorations in painting, collage, and tattoos to mixed media installation works. When she is not making art she is pursuing an education in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Art History at BROOKLYN COLLEGE where she also works as a Neuroscience Research Assistant.

Her interest in collage and assemblage art comes literally alive in her latest interactive assemblage “THE BODY” which physically engages the viewer to assemble a form through the ritual exchange of sacred objects. These objects are directly collected from the Church which is the site of the installation. The piece explores themes of fabrication of bodily existence through communal ritual. Inspired by Genesis 1:27, it explores the notion that human form of all shapes and sizes is divinely inspired. The form of the piece is derived by an impression of one person from the audience on sand. By imprinting the sand with the body of the viewer it is implied that every viewer’s body is in the image of God. The piece engages the viewer in a way that is physical and to create a form through functional interaction and collaboration. This puts the artist in the role of conceptual creator and engages the audience in the role of process creators. Both formal and theoretical inspiration can be traced back to works by artists FELIZ GONZALEZ-TORRES and ANNA MENDIETA who create sculpture that is personalized by their body’s relation to the physical object’s composition.

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