Behind the scenes gabriel don


GABRIEL is a multidisciplinary ARTIST or RENAISSANCE WOMAN who works in a variety of mediums. She received her MFA in CREATIVE WRITING at THE NEW SCHOOL, where she worked as the chapbook and reading series coordinator. Her work has appeared in The BROOKLYN RAIL, GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA’S ANTHOLOGY ‘ The Understanding Between Foxes and Light’, A MINOR, WESTERLY and is forthcoming in MASCARA LITERARY REVIEW and THE LEGENDARY. She has appeared in VISUAL POEMS such as WOMAN WITHOUT UMBRELLA and UNBOUND. She started several reading-soiree series, is editorial staff at LIT and participates in live art events around NEW YORK. GABRIEL DON is also available on Amazon as a Bookdress who has performed in various literary, art and public spaces including the MET.

CLEANSING CONCORDIA is a participative ritual inspired by the venue, the history of MARTIN LUTHER and religious sacraments such as baptism and communion. Martin Luther turned away from the Catholic Church and it’s capitalist nature, taking issue with indulgences as a means to buy one’s way out of purgatory, when he saw peasants giving away their life savings for salvation. The AUDIENCE and ARTIST will wash their hands of the current dominant doctrines, debating and discussing issues such as economic escapism, paradise with a price, consumerism and the media with poetry and water. This piece encourages a lively conversation and confession about contemporary vehicles that convince us we are not okay just as we are, that we must change ourselves and spend money in order to be ‘perfect’ or ‘loved.’

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