daisy 2




She graduated from the esteemed GLASGOW SCHOOL of ART in 2011, with a BA in PAINTING and PRINTMAKING and later gained a POST GRAD DIPLOMA from THE COURTAULD INSTITUTE of ART in 2012.  DAZE has completed several ARTIST RESIDENCIES including one in ICELAND and another in SHENZEN, CHINA. Quite the international FLOWER she has exhibited in LONDON (THE AFFORDABLE ART FAIR among others), PARIS, GLASGOW, CHINA and ICELAND.  And is part of various collections such as THE PRINCESS DRAWING SCHOOL, THE ICELANDIC EMBASSY,  and DA WANG CULTURE HIGHLAND.

Botanics (carving on birchply with ink and oil pastel) 122 x 157cm


Da Wang III9543369_orig

Foss III (ink and pastel on paper with marking) 57 x 76cm8122718_orig

Driving (Ink and Pastel with Marking)Hitchcock II

Hitchcock II (Ink and Pastel with Marking)2027411_orig

The Hunt III ( Victoria and Albert Museum) Carving on birchply with ink and oil pastel, 2013The Hunt III

DAISY’s imagined landscapes are a COLLAGE of events drawn from FILM, PHOTOGRAPHS and SKETCHES made from LIFE. They are also INSPIRED by the PRIMITIVE, ‘first look’ at NATURE as seen in MEDIEVAL decorative arts.

We DRESSED DAZE in vintage ROBERTO CAVALLI, as she walked, a lost peacock, through the studios and sculptures of her family home.

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