He works for SUBMARINE: a sales/production company specializing in DOCS and FILMS in NYC.

With quite a pedigree, the partners have worked with director GREG ARAKI, video artists NAM JUNE PAIK, played in punk bands with THURSTON MOORE & JIM JARMUSCH. BEN is in the video for SONIC YOUTH’S SACRED TRICKSTER.

They also own the rights to HORROR comic CREEPY & EERIE.

Recent film distribution projects have included POLANSKI’S lost documentary WEEKEND OF A CHAMPION [which is very apt as BEN LOVES CARS], the Oscar winning 20 FEET FROM STARDOM and the OSCAR nominated CHASING ICE, BLACKFISH and CUTIE AND THE BOXER among innumerable others.

BB also oversaw production of the 30th Anniversary DVD release of CULT classic, Charlie Ahearn’s WILD STYLE.

Ben can be found at most major film festivals selling his wares or Pennsylvania or the Submarine office in Chinatown. He may or may not be wearing R.J MACREADY’S jacket from JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING.

Check out some of his work below.

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