conor mcbride


is an







based in NEW YORK. His STORIES, often compelling CHARACTER STUDIES, explore subjects ranging from GENDER to PERFORMANCE, which he portrays through FILM, AUDIO & DIGITAL MEDIA.

His most recent work has been featured in ACCENT MAGAZINE & NARRATIVELY:


ONEOFUS profiled artist ‘Untitled’, Matthew de Leon’s drag persona, was born less than a year ago, and was catapulted into the limelight after winning Dragnet, a drag competition in Williamsburg. Today Matthew works as a graphic designer by day and moonlights as one of the most popular queens on the vibrant Brooklyn circuit. This documentary tells UNTITLED’S story.

Read the full ACCENT MAGAZINE article here

My Own Private Rockaway

A radio documentary made for WNYC featuring stories of people’s secret sanctuaries in New York. The project, produced by, appeared as this multimedia piece on their website.

Read the full NARRATIVELY article here

The Rev

A multimedia magazine article incorporating text, stills and video for ACCENT MAGAZINE. The Rev Vince Anderson is not your regular pastor. He drinks. He swears. He’s a gutbucket blues singer. “People forget that gospel came out of the blues and not the other way around,” Vince explains as to why he believes blues singers were the first American preachers among other things here

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