She graduated from CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS in Fine Art. Her work, often SITE-SPECIFIC, focuses on the use of TIME, DURATION, MOVEMENT and ACTION as central material properties in the making of ART. Primarily through VIDEO, DANCE and ACTION, she investigates a CRITICAL DIALOGUES between PERFORMANCE and RECORDING PLAYBACK TECHNOLOGIES.

She is currently studying CONTEMPORARY DANCE PERFORMANCE in OSLO and runs FISKEFORRETNINGEN, a studio and gallery space. CHECK OUT SOME OF HER WORK BELOW.


Film collaboration with Sive Hamilton

Risograph printed double-exposed analoge photographs in collaboration with Victoria Jones.
Featured in M00N R0CK, a collaborative project between Veronica Bruce, Sive Hamilton, Catherine Evans and Ana Riaza. The book has a science fiction narrative and was made using risograph printing technique. The project took place over the course of two days thanks to Yellow Magic, April Gertler and ZK/U in Berlin. Limited edition of 14 copies.


Sculpture installation, on-site at Trinity Buoy Wharf,
in collaboration with Victoria Jones.

P1030743 P1030612 P1030414 P1030418

VB is a ONEOFUS alum, having performed in our first festival ONEOFUSWHITECHAPEL as well as contributing some of her work to this years HALLOWZINE PART II. In the shoot she wears a number of vintage pieces sourced in LONDON OSLO and NEW YORK. WE were inspired by WITCH BITCHES in the forest and Japanese artist NOBUYOSHI ARAKI.

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