Things have been a little bit quite on the ONEOFUS front, as we’ve been trying to develop our film production company side. In recent years we have developed and completed two horror shorts that are doing the festival circuit now. More to come!!

Death Wish (2016) Dir. Maya Korn

Poster by Alice Von Gotha

An artist, in striving to make his magnum opus, gets trapped in a haunted TV by a vengeful ghost girl.

Expiration (2017) Dir. Maya Korn

Poster by Sydney Brafman

A conceited Western actor is offered a large sum of money to make a film in China. Hearing it’s a land of opportunity where his whiteness will make him a superstar he jumps at the chance. Arriving on set he senses something is amiss, when only a small female crew greets him but his ego allows him to ignore this. A fever dream satire exploring culture clash and gender dynamics.

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