Fernando Iriarte’s Divina Guerra (Short)

Shoots- Fall 2017

Producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- A fifty-year-old nail technician in Jackson Heights, Queens waits eagerly to the arrival of her favourite celebrity telenovela queen so she can do her nails. Nothing will stand in her way to fulfill her dream with murderous consequences.

Writer/Director- A young queer Columbian director. Fernando creates high camp worlds with a subtext of his Catholic upbringing.


Dying Is A Wild Night (Short)

Shoots: Fall 2017

Director- TBD,

Producer- Michael Goitanich,

Co-producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- Mourning her dead father, an orthodox Jewish girl vet is infected with vampirism by her vicious uncle. Will she find redemption in non Jewish black vet’s nurse Arthur and a cure to stem the outbreak in her community?


Untitled Immersive Horror VR

Shoots- Fall 2017

Director’s- Sydney Brafman, Jordan Fish, Producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- An immersive Gothic horror with a socio political context.


Untitled Documentary (Short)

Director- Noelia Diaz,

Producer- Maya Korn

Shoots- Spring 2018

Synopsis- Part art film, part documentary, this is a portrait of the debilitating effects of anorexia on a young girl in a Spanish village.


Untitled Narrative (Short)

Director- Ashley George,

Producer- Maya Korn,

Writers- Alonso Diaz Rickards, Joel Vasquez

Shoots- July 2018

Concept- A female revenge horror with a subtext of Trump’s abuse of women and Mexicans.


Noelia Diaz’s Under Glass (Feature)

Shoots- TBD

Producer- Maya Korn

Synopis: A Cronenbergian meditation on the woman that pioneered IVF and a women’s rite to choose.


Untitled Documentary (Feature)

Director/Producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- A feature analysing the indie drag scene in East London, Brooklyn, New York and Beijing, China.


Untitled (Feature)

Shoots- TBD

Producer – Maya Korn

Concept- A feature analysing the indie drag scene in East London, Brooklyn, New York and Beijing, China.


Misc Slate

Urbex (Feature)

Writer- Tadhg Culley

Tadhg Culley graduated in 2011 with BA in Film Production on the Screenwriting track from the University of Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham, Surrey. There he wrote his first feature-length screenplay, Endless Life, a gritty realist drama.

While working full-time as a Civil Enforcement Officer, he completed five more feature-length screenplays, including Cold Star, Stepping Stones, Tailback, Quarrying Souls, and URBEX. These scripts brought him attention on the international contest circuit . His work was honored by Screenwriting Goldmine (UK), Creative World Awards (US), NexTV Entertainment (US), Shoreline (UK), Beverly Hills (US), Scriptapalooza (US), PAGE Awards (US), and Table Read My Screenplay (US).  Most notably he won a 3rd place Platinum Prize from at the Filmmaker’s International Screenwriting Awards (US).

He then won a BAFTA scholarship to attend the National Film & Television School. His BAFTA mentors included screenwriters Allan Cubitt (The Fall) and Tony Grisoni (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas).

At NFTS he wrote The Long Barrow, and six episodes of the TV comedy series Wardens, two short animation films, a dramatic short, a radio play (horror), and a play that performed at the Soho Theatre, London.  He has also written for game platforms.

Producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- Three urban explorers search derelict, abandoned sites for internet Infamy but instead uncover far more secrets about themselves.

Nate, Ky and Mia have turned their small time, urban exploration hobby into a successful business – their high adrenaline videos are viral on the internet. Searching abandoned insane asylums and crumbling cinemas and evading security ensures that every expedition gets the pulse racing.

As Nate proposes to Mia, his high-school sweetheart, Ky’s jealousy spirals out of control. Their love triangle risks everything they have worked so hard to achieve as their hidden passions burst to the surface in this unsafe environment.

Site-seeking evolves into soul-searching as each member of the high risk trio must face their inner demons. When every leap from an unsteady platform puts their lives on the line these thrill-seeking adventure junkies must learn their limits or suffer the consequences.

Will this team unite against adversity or crumble into the properties they explore?

‘Urbex’ is a high-octane thriller with a racing heartbeat that is sure to put viewers to the test until they reach their breaking points.


Convention (Feature)

Writer- Mark Brown

Co Producer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- A convention for accountants that happens every 10 years on a remote Scottish island has  a dark secret: it’s populated by serial killers. Accountants arrive like lambs to the slaughter.


The Feejee Mermaid (TV Pilot)

Writer- Maya Korn

Synopsis- Samuel Barrett Eades has always fancied himself something of an adventurer not a sailor. When fate strikes and he finds a weird artefact on the island of Feejee on a paid shipping mission he jumps at the chance to try and transform himself from sailor to famous naturalist, selling his share of the boat for the creature.

Back in London his specimen is exposed as a fake and Eades finds himself being sued for breach of contract for his shipping mission. Facing bankruptcy, PT Barnum “the greatest showman on earthI and his wife Charity convince Eades to come with them to New York City and continue the swindle there: “there’s a sucker born every minute,” so they say.

A period drama between, London, Japan and New York with a talking taxidermy mermaid.