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Their MISSION is to tell STORIES without boundaries. This means taking classic stories and allowing our audience to PARTICIPATE and ENGAGE with them in new ways, challenging conventional forms of storytelling, BREAKING open often difficult to access stories, NARRATIVES and PLAYS.
THEY are interested in breaking down the boundaries of stories: creating WORLDS which audience members can explore, edit and question. Their productions Macbeth, The Trialand O Brave New World take universally recognised stories and spill them through LONDON allowing audiences to interact with the characters, situations and events happening around them.
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Watch this film about Shakespeare in Shoreditch:
Rift’s upcoming project ‘STYX’ an immersive multi sensoric virtual reality experience, opens on the 1st of July and tix can be bought here

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ONE OF US is proud to unveil its stand alone short film program after the success of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL’S ‘Shorts Macabre.’

Promoting the off kilter, this program will focus on the SURREAL in all its forms.

WE are dedicated to breaking the mould and will be transporting you to the set of George Melies ‘Under The Sea’ for your viewing and end with a surprise guest performance…

Popcorn will be provided by our sponsor Portle Bay Popcorn and drinks from the fabulous Zig Zag Teas.

Tickets are £5 and can be bought on the door and from here:



The Fox & Phoenix,

Unit 2, Tower House, 139 Fonthill Road,

N4 3 HF


Edmund Roland ‘LTD’
An ex-salaryman who has lost his way in London is confronted by his past in the shape of a former colleague in an East London squat.

Max Lincoln ‘Thyme’
A story about escape, cooking and thyme.

Fred Rowson ‘Woodhouse’
The Woodhouse Nature Reserve, South East London. It’s a sprawling hectare of knotted ivy and mossy tree stumps. And while its edges are speckled with rusting tins and damp takeaway boxes, its interior is verdant, untouched. There, beyond the padlocked gates some thing, some creature is living.

Noelle Rodrigues &Gareth Warland ‘I Open My Eyes And I See Something’
The psychological journey of a girl who must confront her traumatic childhood. Emotions and memories resurface with brutal and challenging consequences.

The Last Skeptik ‘Cheerio’
Taken from The Last Skeptik’s recent e.p entitled ‘I Don’t Even Like You’ the video for ‘Cheerio’ stars comedian / actor Doc Brown unravelling behind a mask in a video exploring the perils of drugs, booze, parties in an attempt to avoid reality.

Gabriel Robertson ‘Bucket’

After a devastating discovery at a fancy dress party, a young man contemplates suicide before an abandoned baby catches his eye and shakes him from his ill intent. Now, faced with taking care of it until the police arrive, he recruits his former best friend – but things are far from simple.

Simone Smith ‘Red’
A psychological hue which resembles that of blood evoked in the human observer.

Tim Bonner ‘Under A Vest’
As darkness falls across the city, a blonde with a gun investigates a noise – but all is not what it seems…

Mark Brown & Phil Haine ‘Somebody To Love’
When Sebastian brings home Cassandra he thinks he has found perfection. The fact that she is dead is only the first indication that perfection is rarely, if ever, attained.

Ben Garfield ‘The Players’
A single overhead lamp lights the scene as five shady characters prepare for a game of high stakes-poker. As the cards are dealt and the players place their bets, we start to suspect things might not be quite as they seem. What’s really at stake here?

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Mary Moon

Miss Moon 




Berlin based,



She expresses herself in the media of COLLAGE, PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO ART.

She is a graduate ART DIRECTOR and co-founder of the “PLATEAU GALLERY” Berlin and is working as a CURATOR/PRODUCER of a variety of cultural events & exhibitions.

Her HANDMADE collage works CUT stereotypical social concepts, using them to SHIFT the perspective of the observer sometimes processing the images DIGITALLY, depending on the desired result. You can distinguish in her AESTHETICS a clear focal point from where everything grows.

It is inspired by SYMMETRY, FREQUENCY and the BEAUTY of human nature.It opens the view into multidimensional, visual possibilities of the HUMAN BEING. Two elements that build a specific tension and play with preconceptions.

The images are EXTRACTED from old books and so called ‘LIFESTYLE’ magazines.

She is CATCHING fragments, enjoying revealing the beauty of a MOMENT.

HUMOR; COLOR; COMPOSITION; REALITY is inspiring in a surreal universe.

“Life is not about finding one self ,it is about creating one self ”

Marie Klinke born 8-8-1988



Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Vito has been WRITING and PERFORMING poetry for the best part of a decade. He draws  inspiration from social interactions. From amazing poets to random stories he hears from lonely people in QUESTIONABLE bars. His ART is his life, thus he lives both in conjunction. LIFE & ART are inseparable that’s why he takes himself to any EMOTIONAL state he feels is necessary when writing, no matter where that path leads. Recently he has started writing PLAYS and SHORT films. Transferring his skills over to these formats opened a whole new world of expression and ARTISTIC INDULGENCE.

Watch this space for more of his material, ‘sure to make you feel,’ is his slogan.

Influences: “HOWL” By Allen Ginsberg, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick.

Lisa Hall


is an



She is based in LONDON. Focused on alternative methods of engagement and sound’s role in everyday life, her works take on the form of INTERVENTIONS, INSTALLATIONS and PRINTS which aim to highlight forgotten dependencies. Lisa has exhibited and contributed to a wide range of arts events and exhibitions including Folkestone Triennial, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Cafe Oto, Resonance Fm, Framework Radio, Whitechapel Gallery, Speculum Artium and Whitstable Biennale.

Most recently she created a moving audio performance at the V&A Friday Late, sited on 12 models who moved through the museum.

BUBBLECAM is a playful exploration of online streaming and LIVE FEED possibilities. It is a partnership with Mike and Andie, a couple in Florida who set up the online bubble cam in their garden. It consists of an internet controlled bubble machine that can be activated and watched online. People from around the world visit the website to ‘blow bubbles’.

She partners with mike and Andie to create relays of this CAM, furthering the reach of this online request for bubbles. In each of the relay cams the audience are invited to participate in different ways, so as to explore the human impulse and reaction to this simple idea that has been captivating an online audience for over 10 years. Each relay cam explores what it is to be the live audience, the BUBBLE BLOWERS, the button pushers, those making anonymous demands through the internet and those affected by them.

For ONE OF US, the events guests will become the live audience, to discover how it feels to be watched.