She lives and works in PARIS. She mainly practices DRAWING, from black and white COMICS to large formats made with colour PENCILS. She sometimes explores other media like wooden sculpture or collections of accumulated objects.

She walks in the street every day keeping her eyes OPEN, waiting for  new discoveries, something EXTRAORDINARY she could meet on her way.

She draws things, spaces, shapes and ideas she collects, representing her MENTAL LANDSCAPES.

DRAWING is her playground as the city is her PLAYGROUND.

Joy and PERPETUAL MOVEMENT: her motor.

Below is some of her work:

En Chemin




Sans Titre’ from ‘Du Vide De L’Air’ Series1_670

‘Sans Titre’ from ‘Dessins En Vrac’
sans titre




X PatternsDSCF7239_670

WE shot Claire on her Beaux Arts campus.

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theatre/performance/rehearsal/art space/dance & photography studio/gallery/screening room/costume and prop store..!

Specialising in HOLISTIC events, IMMERSIVE performance, and home to charity fund/awareness raising RIDICULOUSNESS beyond compare – BE NICE..! (Saving the world one party at a time).

Recent Be Nice event ‘ALL NIGH WRONG’ played Lionel Richie’s CULT classic on repeat for the duration and gave away SECRET GARDEN PARTY tickets as a prize to those who lasted the distance, the next instalment is on the 18TH JULY.

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Vito has been WRITING and PERFORMING poetry for the best part of a decade. He draws  inspiration from social interactions. From amazing poets to random stories he hears from lonely people in QUESTIONABLE bars. His ART is his life, thus he lives both in conjunction. LIFE & ART are inseparable that’s why he takes himself to any EMOTIONAL state he feels is necessary when writing, no matter where that path leads. Recently he has started writing PLAYS and SHORT films. Transferring his skills over to these formats opened a whole new world of expression and ARTISTIC INDULGENCE.

Watch this space for more of his material, ‘sure to make you feel,’ is his slogan.

Influences: “HOWL” By Allen Ginsberg, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick.

Lisa Hall


is an



She is based in LONDON. Focused on alternative methods of engagement and sound’s role in everyday life, her works take on the form of INTERVENTIONS, INSTALLATIONS and PRINTS which aim to highlight forgotten dependencies. Lisa has exhibited and contributed to a wide range of arts events and exhibitions including Folkestone Triennial, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Cafe Oto, Resonance Fm, Framework Radio, Whitechapel Gallery, Speculum Artium and Whitstable Biennale.

Most recently she created a moving audio performance at the V&A Friday Late, sited on 12 models who moved through the museum.

BUBBLECAM is a playful exploration of online streaming and LIVE FEED possibilities. It is a partnership with Mike and Andie, a couple in Florida who set up the online bubble cam in their garden. It consists of an internet controlled bubble machine that can be activated and watched online. People from around the world visit the website to ‘blow bubbles’.

She partners with mike and Andie to create relays of this CAM, furthering the reach of this online request for bubbles. In each of the relay cams the audience are invited to participate in different ways, so as to explore the human impulse and reaction to this simple idea that has been captivating an online audience for over 10 years. Each relay cam explores what it is to be the live audience, the BUBBLE BLOWERS, the button pushers, those making anonymous demands through the internet and those affected by them.

For ONE OF US, the events guests will become the live audience, to discover how it feels to be watched.


EMMA & YATES are the creators of the upcoming ONEOFUS piece AGAINST NATURE. WE caught up with them to examine their influences behind the work.

Against Nature will be a drawing/poem sequence that draws on the grotesque and the monstrous, especially decorative grotesque marginalia. We are interested in how text and image play off one another, and the theatrical possibilities of this. To this end, Emma is writing short pieces of poetry and script, and Yates is drawing. We are going to interweave these so that each person who sees it can piece together their own narrative.

Broadly speaking, our work is interested in the relationship between space, things, people, texts and images. For Against Nature, we have been focusing on the ways in which our relationship with everyday objects offers ways of thinking through the uncanny, a concept in much of our research and making. Drawing on Yates’ research into French eighteenth-century ornament, we have considered matter and affect in decorative schemes, and have considered the relationship between ornament, description, and narrative. This intersection between writing, looking, visualising, and feeling has been integral to our work as a whole. Many of our collaborations deploy text, image, and material as ways of thinking through our research interests.


Emma Stirling is a writer, director, and performer. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2012 and is Artistic Director of Recursion Theatre Company ( She recently worked with Katie Mitchell on Women As Artists. She is currently developing a cross-disciplinary practice that explores the intersections between live and video performance. As a poet she is interested in feminist reworkings of the lyric ‘I’, dialogue, and stillness in language.

Yates Norton is a graduate of Cambridge and Harvard Universities. He is currently taking his masters at the Courtauld Institute, London. His artistic practice includes collaborations with poets and artists in London, Cambridge and New York. Recently, he and Emma Stirling have been working on a piece exploring the role of narrative in poetry and image.






Frederick and Annabelle Loren invite you to a “HAUNTED HOUSE” party. Whoever stays in the house for one night will earn £1,000,000.

Guests will enjoy an hour and a half of “ENTERTAINMENT” before being treated to a screening of William Castle’s “House on Haunted Hill” (1959) as well as a curated selection of macabre shorts.

DRESS TO IMPRESS in late fifties early 60s attire.

Do arrive up to 30 minutes early and enjoy a BESPOKE BEVERAGE in our salon.

Performances on the 18th and 19th of April will be in ST MATTHEWS CHURCH on Saint Matthew’s Row, a church dating back to 1743 that sits above 80,000 GRAVES. Having survived FIRE, BOMB damage and a rector who was a contemporary of the notorious KRAY brothers (running the brothels and gambling dens of the area) it was rebuilt in 1961, the design spear headed by architect Anthony Lewis who commissioned young artists to create the distinctive insides.

Address: Saint Matthew’s Row, London E2 6DT

Performances on the 25th and 26th of April will be in room 5.10 in the GOTHIC George Gilbert Scott designed ST PANCRAS CLOCK TOWER CHAMBERS, Euston Road NW1. WATCH for the umbrella’d ones stationed outside the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

Address: St Pancras Chambers (by the entrance of St Pancras Renaissance Hotel), Euston Road, London NW1 2AR


Tickets are £20, with a limited sale of early bird tickets for £15.
You can buy tickets for St Matthews Church here:

You can buy tickets for St Pancras Clocktower here:

INTERACT with us:



After years of performing a strange ritual following her sister’s disappearance, Annabelle is close to finally being free…

Chloe Mashiter


Bubblecam The evenings event will be live streamed online. Our internet guests will be able to interact with you through the night, blowing bubbles at you from a hidden bubble machine. Think of it as a surreal form of CCTV – one that tells you when your being watched.

Lisa Hall


Open day to view the new St Matthews complex of luxury flats. Centrally located with easy access to various amenities and restaurants in ‘trendy’ Shoreditch. A unique opportunity to buy into an exquisite example of 18th century architecture and live in a building with a … COLOURFUL PAST.

Alex Zylko

Hard-bitten newspaper columnist Ruth Bridges plans to spend her time in the House documenting her experiences – but the House has other ideas…

Thomas Leo Midlane


Mr Dudley Peril invites you to a party – a haunted house party. There will be games, drinks and maybe even a murder…

Rosanna  Mallinson, Immercity


The previously unseen women of the house are back to tell their tales.

Zoe Hunter Gordon & India Crawford, Big Spoon


What is monstrosity? Can language be monstrous? This work draws on a history of grotesquerie, decorative programmes which emerged from the marginalia of texts. Spaces of fantasy, and representations of a nature that goes against nature, against the grain.  Poetry and images will be interlaced with one another to explore the relationship between word and image in the context of the monstrous and grotesque.

Yates Norton & Emma Stirling


A woman watches from the balcony, her white dress and mournful song drift down to him in wispy tendrils.

Mournful harmonies mingle in the echoing church, as two lovers re-live their ill-fated affair. Pick up your hymn book and turn to song number


Victoria Ellis

Artwork by Emily Tat

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Garón Peterson is an





He is also a NEW YORKER, raised in BROOKLYN. Having had no artistic influences in his family, he succeeded in being chosen out of many applicants to attend the specialized H.S. of Art & Design. His “Return of the Goddess Series” artwork was also picked to represent his graduating class in the 75th Anniversary Alumni Show.

 The Return of the Goddess SeriesErotic Goddess Series

Feel the PowerFeeling The Power 02Hava Goddess

Hava1GoddessSeriesNoBorderGiuliana GoddessGuiliana2 GoddessSeriesNoBorder

Searching for himself as a young man growing up in the 80‘sand 90’s, his talents brought him into many fields, piling up wonderful adventure stories along the way. He interned for and had his portrait drawn by famed fashion illustrator ANTONIO LOPEZ before graduating from F.I.T, worked with music legend DR. JOHN, traveled on the debut tour of iconic Italian rap duo ARTICOLO 31 in Italy and was on the PROPAGANDA FILMS production crew of THE CULT LIVE! at Wembly Arena, London.

Since 1990, he has worked steadily in two fields, FILM and ART EVENT PRODUCING. In the film industry he worked in many positions, assisting the camera dept, location and talent scouting, lighting, and production assistant. See some of his film work below:

Changing Channels

 At the same time, Garón was producing and organizing a series of multimedia art exhibitions based on EROTIC MYTHOLOGY, showcasing the artworks of dozen’s of artists, including his own. He was the first CURATOR to hold a show at DANNY SIMMONS RUSH PHILANTHROPIC ARTS in Chelsea.

 Founding GELATO! ART SALON In 2009 with PHOTOGRAPHER Gisella Sorrentino, is counted as among one of the finest (as well as busiest) moments in his life. Gelato! Art Salon has in the past 3 years, held more than 20 shows featuring Film, Fine Art, Photography, Dance, Music and Performance art in various locales in NY and Italy. Gelato! Elegant girlGelato! logo

 Garón is excited to put newly founded Gelato! Art Collective production experience and skills at the service of clients who appreciate vision, creativity, efficiency, harmony, and hard work.