Mary Moon

Miss Moon 




Berlin based,



She expresses herself in the media of COLLAGE, PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO ART.

She is a graduate ART DIRECTOR and co-founder of the “PLATEAU GALLERY” Berlin and is working as a CURATOR/PRODUCER of a variety of cultural events & exhibitions.

Her HANDMADE collage works CUT stereotypical social concepts, using them to SHIFT the perspective of the observer sometimes processing the images DIGITALLY, depending on the desired result. You can distinguish in her AESTHETICS a clear focal point from where everything grows.

It is inspired by SYMMETRY, FREQUENCY and the BEAUTY of human nature.It opens the view into multidimensional, visual possibilities of the HUMAN BEING. Two elements that build a specific tension and play with preconceptions.

The images are EXTRACTED from old books and so called ‘LIFESTYLE’ magazines.

She is CATCHING fragments, enjoying revealing the beauty of a MOMENT.

HUMOR; COLOR; COMPOSITION; REALITY is inspiring in a surreal universe.

“Life is not about finding one self ,it is about creating one self ”

Marie Klinke born 8-8-1988