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An award winning AMERICAN ABSTRACT COLOR PAINTER no less. SHE is known for her highly charged chromatic oil paintings. Her WORK is in collections in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA and the US. She started painting seriously in college after taking a basic color course at UNION COLLEGE, New York. JOSEF ALBERS, the color theorist, developed the program, which explored the properties of color, transparency and light in color relationships. SHE went on to study painting at the SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE where she received her degree. Always an ABSTRACT painter, COLOUR has been her “subject” for over 30 years. “Colour is a unique language that has the power to awaken and lift the spirit,” she says.

After living and painting in the SOUTH OF FRANCE, for 20 years, she returned home to NEW YORK CITY to pursue her art and to become more involved in the New York art world. When she first arrived, she painted at the ART STUDENTS LEAGUE. After leaving the league she opened a studio space in midtown Manhattan. Presently, she divides her time between her New York City studio and her studio in SO CAL. She has shown her work often in New York in solo and group shows including SIDESHOW GALLERY in W’BURG, Brooklyn and the AFFORDABLE ART FAIR in Manhattan.

Dee has lectured on Colour, “Intentionality and Inspiration”, she can be seen in a recent DOCUMENTARY about New York artists, “WHO’S AFRAID OF RED YELLOW BLUE” by filmmaker JEFFERY COLLINS and she was recently interviewed by MICHAEL CORBIN, “THE ART BOOK GUY”.

Michael Corbin’s DEE Debrief


SHE is also the creator of several fine art COLOUR GUIDES that are distributed through artist material stores world wide under the name of “MAGIC PALLETTE.”


Pink Dots February 2014

Berkeley-Painting210599256_780875071935138_627994868708011570_nDee’s advice:

Trust your eyes and develop visual communication skills

Study master artists work you love

Respect your individuality. There is only one you.

Do things differently

Don’t make art to please or impress anyone other than you

Experiment freely and regularly. Push your limits.

Have artist friends

Work at it every day if possible

Learn to draw

Study color relationships

Pay attention to how you feel when you are creating art

Being an artist is a life long affair

Expect highs and lows along the way. (They all pass)

Get involved in art communities

Learn to write “artist statements” (ugh!)

Have a brilliant life and make great art.




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Behind the Scenes Eric FallenBEHIND THE SCENES with PLAYWRIGHT and FOUNDER of PENINSULA ART SPACE: ERIC FALLEN. He authored and stars in the piece PRAYER

Eric Fallen is a PLAYWRIGHT and a SCREENWRITER His plays have been presented in New York at the LION THEATRE, the PETER JAY SHARP THEATRE, SOHO PLAYHOUSE  and HB STUDIO. SAMUEL FRENCH published a collection of his short plays in 2011 entitled SMALL TALK. He also wrote the original story and co-wrote the screenplay for the short film THE BRAVEST, THE BOLDEST which was an official selection at the 2014 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. Eric TEACHES in the English Department at the FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in New York City. Eric’s major influences are IBSEN, BECKETT, PINTER and DAVID LYNCH.

His started thinking about an idea for this project as the situation in the Ukraine began to deteriorate, and the tense imagery in the media – the masked soldiers, the stand offs, the confusion – began to enter his story ideas. Ultimately this is why he decided to explore a tense situation involving a SOLDIER and a PASTOR.


Garón Peterson is an





He is also a NEW YORKER, raised in BROOKLYN. Having had no artistic influences in his family, he succeeded in being chosen out of many applicants to attend the specialized H.S. of Art & Design. His “Return of the Goddess Series” artwork was also picked to represent his graduating class in the 75th Anniversary Alumni Show.

 The Return of the Goddess SeriesErotic Goddess Series

Feel the PowerFeeling The Power 02Hava Goddess

Hava1GoddessSeriesNoBorderGiuliana GoddessGuiliana2 GoddessSeriesNoBorder

Searching for himself as a young man growing up in the 80‘sand 90’s, his talents brought him into many fields, piling up wonderful adventure stories along the way. He interned for and had his portrait drawn by famed fashion illustrator ANTONIO LOPEZ before graduating from F.I.T, worked with music legend DR. JOHN, traveled on the debut tour of iconic Italian rap duo ARTICOLO 31 in Italy and was on the PROPAGANDA FILMS production crew of THE CULT LIVE! at Wembly Arena, London.

Since 1990, he has worked steadily in two fields, FILM and ART EVENT PRODUCING. In the film industry he worked in many positions, assisting the camera dept, location and talent scouting, lighting, and production assistant. See some of his film work below:

Changing Channels

 At the same time, Garón was producing and organizing a series of multimedia art exhibitions based on EROTIC MYTHOLOGY, showcasing the artworks of dozen’s of artists, including his own. He was the first CURATOR to hold a show at DANNY SIMMONS RUSH PHILANTHROPIC ARTS in Chelsea.

 Founding GELATO! ART SALON In 2009 with PHOTOGRAPHER Gisella Sorrentino, is counted as among one of the finest (as well as busiest) moments in his life. Gelato! Art Salon has in the past 3 years, held more than 20 shows featuring Film, Fine Art, Photography, Dance, Music and Performance art in various locales in NY and Italy. Gelato! Elegant girlGelato! logo

 Garón is excited to put newly founded Gelato! Art Collective production experience and skills at the service of clients who appreciate vision, creativity, efficiency, harmony, and hard work.








He is pictured here with his partner in crime ERIC getting dressed in a leprechaun outfit HE MADE for a CHERYL ( an art collective based in BROOKLYN who make videos, do performance art, and throw a long-running series of costumed theme-parties.

He has a BFA in PHOTOGRAPHY from the School of Art+Design at Purchase College, SUNY and recently earned a certificate in PATTERNMAKING from the FASHION INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY.

He started out as a PHOTOGRAPHER, shooting the things he loved. His primary subjects are his friends and hobbies, shooting some of the same people for ten years. He began shooting COSPLAYERS shortly after he began COSPLAYING himself at anime conventions in Baltimore, Dallas, and New Jersey. During and after college Sam performed with THE TERROR PIGEON DANCE REVOLT!(, making costumes, taking photos during every show from the middle of the crowd, and shooting the cover and other exterior art for the debut album, as well as recording some back-up vocals. In the past few years, he has appeared in videos and performed with CHERYL.

Originally starting out as half a JOKE, creating and interpreting costumes and day-to-day outfits became his primary means of expression. Sam MAKES clothes that are as much about people as his photography is. Custom pieces, spandex, comfortable knits, and borderline-insane prints all feature heavily in his design aesthetic. Body-baring, occasionally confrontational, and blending MASCULINE and FEMININE style, his work is always focused on FUN.


bunnyhead medium

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pr8pr23wyzyrdSam can be found on the DANCEFLOOR, on the ACTUAL FLOOR sewing, online, and occasionally DJing at Rock Bar’s KINK night.








is a


She hails from Laredo, Texas and Mexico. Her work is inspired by social, ethnic and political identities and behaviors. VIEW it below:



luchadora_finalNarco Zeta

narco_zeta_malverdeImojie App

imojie_portfolio_1200Tumeric tumeric-postcard_back_newbottle_o_1200

Currently, she is a member of the Puro Borde art collective in El Paso, Texas. They aim to unite artists throughout all the border cities between Mexico and U.S.

Previously, she ran the design department as Senior UX/UI designer at Majestyk Apps; an inspiring start-up that develops mobile apps and websites.

WE shot Dana in a vintage 80s dress from Absolute Vintage in the UK in her Brooklyn neighborhood CLINTON HILL.


So should you:

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Her work has appeared in the Paris Review Daily, Bridge Journal, Stonecutter, Storychord, The Virginia Literary Review, and 3.7., and is forthcoming in Paper Nautilus.  She has exhibited drawings, video and text-art installations at the .NOo Sphere gallery, the Bridge PAI, and Ruffner Hall, and has screened films in festivals including the 2ANNAS International Film festival in Latvia. She assisted with art direction on Prince Rama and Astral Projects’ “now-age” psych-opera, Never Forever. One time she won a hamburger-eating contest.

She is multifaceted and the perfect person to be featured as the inaugural creative on ONE OF US.
Check out her most recent work, three translated poems entitled “The Beggars”, “Misery” and “Night” by Egyptian-born French novelist Albert Cossery in The Paris Review here:
AND more of her visual work:
1483096_10152058003985742_478340377_nTelephone Tag
AND Prince Rama’s “Never Forever” :