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In March 2013 ONE OF US united artists and performers in a georgian townhouse in Whitechapel to create an immersive experience loosely based on the macabre history of the area.



Jack the Ripper, the Cray Brothers, the Elephant Man, the Asylum are all built into the rich historical tapestry of this corner of London.

Be transported through a postmodern mish mash of eras into our macabre fantasies.


‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…’ It’s stressful being one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, to remain shrouded in mystery for all eternity and to haunt an era’s nightmares. And Jack needs to get it off his chest.

Enough of Us
We are consistently buffeted by recycled advice that contradicts itself and the natural inclinations of any human heart. We are the future and the court jesters, we are desired and yet derided for not enjoying this attention.
Lurking above your head will be the streamers of prescribed wisdom for the mythologised generation

Make It Nice
Watch preparations for a timely soiree executed with a keen and critical eye. Perfection is imperative. Accuracy of utmost importance.
Nothing can go wrong.

Nightmare on Sidney Square
Daniel is having recurring nightmares influenced by the Gothic fearmonger Edgar Allen Poe. One day he wakes up in the nightmare realm to the mysterious Lucius who tries to get to the surreal bottom of why he is lost in these disturbing dreams.

Wild Beasts
Madness may change, a distorted look at mass, murder and hanging.

Be transported by the power of scent to the deathbed of a poor soul in Victorian England and through to the other side: her second coming.

Journey to the Sex Colony
The citizens of Cyclone City have escaped the plague and are journeying to Sex Colony 01 (Earth). Join them aboard the USS Jambelaya for a cleansing ritual before they land.

Boundary Creatures
Physically bound, what are we to each other? We share nothing but space.
Tomofumi Yamasaki and Veronica Bruce

Come into our office. We want to ask you some questions.

Event image is a collaboration between William and Daisy Millner


The festival was a sell out affair featured on Time Out London, LeCool London (and more) successfully celebrating  the area and its local creatives.

Next cherry picked performances were featured in a Supperclub London’s event BRKN PNTS


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